Cameron Thompson grew up skateboarding the Thompson Nicola region of Canada B.C. and wanted to help document the skateboarding scene around him; Capturing the action he witnessed - before it was gone. Filming skateboard videos eventually progressed into building skate spots, hosting events, and sponsoring wonderful community of liked-minded skaters.
When Cameron first started Panorama, he was pressing the decks himself. As the years went on, he was unable to keep up with orders; Leading him to partner up with a Canadian based woodshop. At age 20, Cameron finally opened the first Panorama pop-up shop. He spent months operating solo, day after day. He was keeping busy 12 hours a day at his booth, and at least 2 more each night sewing, printing & dying different garments in his studio.
Cameron returned the following year in 2020. This time, his pop up shop covered 2000 square feet. After spending a few months operating the shop, he went back to his studio. He was now focused on filming for the Cognitive Dissonance video.